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  • Information updated in real time
  • More than 6,000,000 advertisements
  • The ability to monitor the advertising of competitors


We track 6 pop-up networks
We track 23 different ad networks
13 Unique Analytical Tools
More than 27,000 ads displayed daily!
We track advertising in 183 countries


Provides important Mobile Affiliate Marketing competitive INTEL
  • Allows you to search for the most profitable traffic sources
  • Quickly identifies targeting strategies which allows for excellent conversions
  • Increase CTR by ad optimization
  • Track the landing pages and pre-landing pages of other successful advertisers
  • Complete traffic analysis of any theme
  • Allows for detailed mobile market segment tracking
  • Create fast ad campaigns based on analytics and data from competitors experiences
  • Utilize a huge base of ad examples in multiple themes
  • Create advertising strategies based on predicted results
  • Allows you to avoid the costly mistakes of other advertisers

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According to statistics, 12,5% of your mobile advertising gets high CTR. Find out why, and what you should consider when creating your mobile ad campaigns by using AdMobiSpy!



Without AdMobiSpy
  • Needing to maneuver an obscure and complex Mobile Advertising Market without direction
  • Realizing it can take 5-7 hours to create an ad
  • Spending 70-80% of the total budget looking for your target audience
  • Launching poorly developed advertising strategies for your campaigns based on ‘guesswork’ not analytic data
  • The need to access dozens of outside information sources increasing the probability of making both costly and timely mistakes
  • Being delayed by weeks or even months when attempting to implement a potentially lucrative campaign
  • Employees needing to spend your costly labor dollars in time-consuming information monitoring and processing
  • Having a 40-70% probability of error when guessing the behavior of possible users
  • Experiencing demoralizing results when every new ad campaign has clouded prospects
  • Having a lack of a systematic, data driven winning campaigns when AdMobiSpy offers the answer
Using AdMobiSpy
  • The entire Mobile Advertising Market is clearly visible and spread out before you
  • Decreases creation time for ads from hours to just MINUTES
  • With just a few clicks a concise definition of your target audience is available
  • Learn how to build a successful advertising campaign from scratch
  • Complex campaigns are easily understood in an instant
  • Information is structured and provided in a user-friendly manner
  • Access to one-click comprehensive information and data in more than 15 areas (niches, campaigns, target audiences, competitors and others)
  • One monthly fee includes everything! No hidden add-on costs
  • You will know the behaviors of your target audience and avoid costly mistakes
  • Peace of mind of knowing that your final results are potentially profitable and certain!

We are tracking now

AdLabs Mobile
Google AdWords
Millennial Media

AdMobiSpy features

We update and are always offering new features!

Develop your Landing Pages using currently effective Landing Pages

View more than 6,000,000 ads.

By selecting those with the most impressions, you can quickly duplicate their ads (and success)!

Quickly and easily search for information

By using more than 15 different filters you can find the most effective ads within your niche.

Keyword searches will also allow you to see how your competitors advertise. Try it and see for yourself!

AdMobiSpy monitors ads from around the world

By carefully analyzing ads from popular ad networks and from multiple Geo’s, you can always be one step ahead of your competitors!

Compare different advertising strategies from different countries and ad networks. Effective advertising made easy!

View detailed statistics on various ads

Having a detailed analysis of every ad will help you decide on optimal settings to reach maximum effectiveness and higher levels of conversions in your ad campaign.

See what competitors are trying to conceal from you. Try it now!

By using AdMobiSpy you KNOW you are spending your traffic dollars more efficiently!

Without AdMobiSpy 70% of the budget can be spent on ineffective CA



Numerous large and private companies have recognized the advantages of using AdMobiSpy!

Stanislav Litvinov
Business Development Director at Affise (previously CEO
Il'ya Shabash
Shark Games Co-Founder
Ovchinnikov Vladislav
Director of Business Development for TopTraffic
Anton Drozdov
Head of Mobile – Admitad
Maksim Trunin
Marketing consultant & affiliate (previously PM at Clickky Family)
Aleksandr Yakunchenkov
Marketing analyst, Mamba
Oleg Reshetnikov
Founder of PromoRich
Yaroslav Martynenko
Responsible for user acquisition - Funcorp
Sergey Sivashov
Mobile marketing manager of Delivery Club
Olga Panina
User Acquisition Manager at Borrete Network Technology
The service is clear and easy-to-navigate; it helps you to track your partners’ creatives and stay updated on the current market trends and news. One of the best things about this service is that they offer cool and early support and respond to any questions in a timely manner. Here is just one good example: right after the AdMobiSpy service was first launched, I contacted them about some fault in the interface logic. I was pleasantly surprised to see how little time it took them to fix the bug. I say the service is very worthy, I surely recommend it!
We have been working with Admobispy for a while now and there is absolutely nothing to complain about. As a partner network, we use this service to handle a variety of challenging tasks such as finding new advertisers, monitoring our competitors’ activities, controlling the creatives that we use etc. The interface is very user-friendly and provides a wide range of options. The service will be of huge help to all arbitrage specialists as well as companies that deal with mobile ads.
AdMobiSpy is one of the best mobile ad monitoring services that currently operate in the .ru segment. We have been its loyal customers for a long time and we also encourage our clients to use it. What is really cool is that the project keeps improving and we see new options being added all the time.
Admobispy provides an awesome solution for monitoring various advertising materials that are used by webmasters to promote their offers. This is especially important for controlling the quality of creatives in the partner network.

I personally love this service for its wide range of options, which I can use to analyze my competitors’ campaigns and choose the most relevant offers and traffic sources. Its simple and clear interface as well as a huge variety of filters deserve special thanks for they help to save your time greatly
AdMobiSpy is an impressive tool that allows searching for popular ads and optimizing your ad campaigns quickly and effectively. I am particularly pleased that its database is constantly updated and improved, making it possible to follow the newest trends and stay in the loop. That is just one of the many reasons to give AdMobiSpy a try!
We use this service not only to keep track of our business rivals’ activities. It is also very convenient for monitoring your own advertising campaigns: we work both directly and through contractors, whose creatives sometimes have to be supervised.

Moreover, it’s always a pleasure to see our competitors borrow some of our ideas for their advertising materials:)
I’ve been using this service almost since its launch. I am satisfied with it all 146 per cent. Especially I like that they use foreign sources. These guys do a very good job! p.s. I definitely recommend people who haven’t worked to do a test.
AdMobiSpy is a great and unmatched product with a broad set of features. We use this monitoring tool all the time to keep tabs on our partners’ activity and analyze our competitors. If you happen to be an advertiser, arbitrage specialist or app owner, we strongly recommend taking a closer look at the AdMobiSpy service.
Excellent service. It enables to monitor quickly and efficiently both advertisements of our affiliates and other creative ideas, as well as to control and to be on trend.
Mobile intelligence not only helps us to analyze our competitors activity, but also to check the performance of the media buyers, that we've been working with. Thanks to Admobispy, it became much easier for us to optimize the quality of our campaigns on time. And for me, personally, it's also been a great source to get an inspiration for further campaings.


Key clients manager
Business Analyst
Product Manager
Marketing Technologist

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