Technical questions

How to use filters?

  1. 1.  “Life time” shows how long the ad exists in our system
  2. 2.  You can select an appropriate life time – day, week, months, and particular dates and so on.
  3. 3.  Filter “What to advertise” allows you to match appropriate ad leaded to web site or mobile app.
  4. 4.  I order to track ads in particular network, see what themes are popular, and what network use your competitors, just check appropriate network.
  5. 5.  Use “Type of ads” filter to select teaser, banner, double or text ads.
  6. 6.  Use “Type of device” filter to see what ads are displayed on tablets or phones.
  7. 7.  Select famous brands of phones where ads are displayed.
  8. 8.  Select OS of interest
  9. 9.  Select Geo targeting.
  10. 10.  If you want to know sex of your audience, check the appropriate box.
  11. 11.  Age filter allows to select the audience according to its age.
  12. 12.  After filter settings selection, click on Submit.
  13. 13.  You can save current search results.
  14. 14.  If you want to reset settings, just click on appropriate button.
  15. 15.  Select all ads.
  16. 16.  If you like some ads, you can move them to “Favorites”.
  17. 17.  If you want to save ads, check them and select “To ZIP archive”.
  18. 18.  You have the opportunity to see new, old, popular and stable ads.
  19. 19.  Using “Banners”, “Doubles” and “Teaser” filters allows to sort base according to image resolution.
  20. 20.  Search by keywords allows to see ads of theme of interest. We recommend to enter 1-2 keywords to get the most accurate results.
  21. 21.  Search by apps allows to see the most popular apps, number of ads, source of traffic and geo targeting. Detailing information about every app is also available